Sunday, 11 March 2012

Smokey update - Jan-Mar 2012

We might love the new house, but there is one member of our family who does not. His-Royal-Highness, Sir Bugalugs, Mr Smokey. He has become uber-demanding and crying frequently especially at night. He didn't seem to mind being shifted interstate but down the road...

It has been so bad at times that we were worried our neighbours might complain and we get evicted (we do have permission to have him here). We have tried all sorts of things, lots of cuddles, making designated Smokey places, bowls of water all over the house, initially keeping him inside only... then rigging up chicken wire and his own climbing frame so he can at least explore the backyard and (from the vet) pheromone spray and diffuser.

He does seem to be settling down bit by bit, we are now having 'good nights' and 'bad nights'. Last night we had less crying and back to the smoochy Smokey we know, though, it was a bit tricky at times to sleep with him on our chest, back or feet.

 Smokey's stairs/climbing frame. That is our bedroom window.

Whatcha doin Matt? Can I play too?

 He is cute, when sleeping.

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