Saturday, 21 January 2012

Xmas 2011, part 4/4 - Davey and Curtis

The 'real' Xmas afternoon was spent with my family - as there are currently no small kids we tend to have a few too many wine / champers / cider / beer and go into food comas from mum, Grandma, Anita and Bree's fantastic cooking. Unfortunately by this time I didn't have the energy to take happy snaps, here are a few the next morning.

Dad, Mum and Kimmee on Dad's pressie
Dad & Grandad testing it out
Joel and Bree's emu
Even the dogs got pressies this year.

Xmas 2011, part 3/4 - Aurisch and Bell

The 'real' Xmas morning with Aurisch's & Bells.

Hurry up Uncle Matt!

Sammy decided she was a Xmas pressie:

Xmas 2011, part 2/4 - extended Davey family

Xmas with most of the extended family on my Dad's side, at my cousin's (gorgeous!) new place.

It wouldn't be a family BBQ in Queensland without a large piece of plastic, a sprinkler and a squirt of detergent :)  

...and the big kid!

Xmas 2011, part 1/4 - Aurisch and McMillan

We're baaack! Moved into the new place and it is FANTASTIC! More about that later, but here are the Xmas piccies I promised...

This year's Xmas trip north was a short one. My work year finished late and Matt started his new role early in the new year. Sadly, I also spent much of the week in bed with some type of viral thingy and we had to cancel some of our long awaited catch ups. Despite this it was lovely to spend time with our families.

Our first 'Xmas' was the night I arrived as Ewen and Margaret were heading to Gladstone the next day. It was also my first time seeing Anita and Scott's new place.

The view from the back porch!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Quick catch up then off the grid

It has been a crazy few weeks. During the last week of work for the year (ie busy), we found our next home after nearly a year of looking. It's a perfect 2 bedder federation semi less than a k from where we were. Matt was in Qld and Liam working long shifts so lots if racing around for me to make it happen.

Then it was up to Qld - squeezing a 2-3 week holiday into 1. I sadly crashed off the adrenaline I was running on and spent the whole week very sick (fluey). We did manage to have a wonderful Xmas with family (photos to come soon) though we cancelled on our friends and meeting the new babies, Dante and Pela.

Matt has started his new job, Visual Effects Editor (note: no 'assistant' in the title!) for The Great Gatsby - Animal Logic while we have been moving house. I am shattered but it's nearly done. We have no internet for 3-4 weeks though we both have our smart phones. Contactible, but the photos from Xmas will have to wait a bit.

Hope your 2012 has got off to a great start. See you soon!