Sunday, 11 December 2011

A few random photos and ramblings

Street art opposite Zanzibar in Newtown.
Can you read the text? It says: Free calls to the premier. This is an initiative of the state government of NSW.

My Scoots outside work - Youth Centre, 'graffiti building' in the mirror
Obligatory photo of Mr Smokey.
The context: I was lying in bed online chatting to my mum at the time. She asked if I was home alone (Matt in QLD and Liam at work). I said not exactly, then took and sent her this photo taken from my tablet I was chatting on at the time, I didn't have to get up to do it :)

Congratulations Trent and Laura on the birth of their precious daughter, Emily! I can't wait to meet her in person when you are next down under. (Trent was 3rd out of the four friends I mentioned in an earlier post)

Congratulations Madonna and Nathan on your wedding! You looked stunning, Don, I loved the hot pink flowers and lace parasols. ZOMG... Paige is so grown up.

December in the Balcony Garden

View from inside looking out

Left/1st - the 'other' corner - Mr Smokey's pot
Middle/2nd - that cocoon
Right/3rd - zuchini tendrils

Work has been crazy busy (end of year usual crazy) and Matt is up in Qld, so I have enjoyed a fair bit of down time in the garden. Over the past 2 weekends some of the things I have done include:
  • Removed the nasturtiums - they were so eaten by the caterpillars they looked ugly and I wonder whether they were helping to attract the cabbage butterflies
  • Moved the thyme to where the nasturtiums were, leaving two plants in that pot (parsley and thyme) and two in the pot where the thyme was (rosemary and mint) - both pots are now flourishing
  • Harvested a tray of worm poo (compost) - added to the main planter
  • Put the box of failed mushrooms compost into the worm farm - the balcony doesn't stink anymore
  • Removed two of the broccoli/cauliflowers. I originally planted a mix of the two and can't remember which are which, now I am now using plant labels :) The broccoli/cauliflower, again, are so caterpillar eaten that they are sickly, I left the three healthiest, but they may go eventually
  • Staked and tied the tomatoes and zuchini
  • Planted some german camomile seedlings the guy at the nursery gave me after we had a chat about companion planting (they were a little sickly anyway). I have pegged them in the pot to help them develop new roots, one has definitely taken and looks really healthy now, the other, fingers crossed
  • Divided and potted (seedling pots) some onion bottoms that had sprouted - 5 seedlings from 2 onions
  • Put a couple of sweet potatoes that sprouted in the pantry in the empty pot. Trying this time - NOT planting them, just sitting on the soil and loosely covered in mulch - 3rd time lucky perhaps?
  • Watched a caterpillar build his cocoon! (while doing the above). Didn't have the heart to remove it after watching him build it - removed plenty of others. Plan is to watch this one through to hatching
  • Gave the BBQ a really good clean (this was a few weekends back) with the intention of using it more, now we have a lovely balcony area to cook and eat - but haven't yet because of late nights at work and constant rain
  • Harvested a lot of rain - in buckets - added to the tank
  • Gave the tiles a really good scrub during a storm. It was fun in the rain :) and saved using heaps of water from the tank or taps. Then, while taking the above photos and the doormat was removed from cleaning, slipped over badly - thankfully nothing broken, just body, ego and phone bruised
  • Researched organic ways to combat aphids - I now have: alfoil under the worst affected (to make light reflect up to the underside of the leaves, two little yellow pots (old lids) half filled with water - aphids are attracted to yellow apparently and then drown, have ordered some cute butterfly shaped yellow sticky traps and have plans to research making garlic soap to spray on the underside of the leaves.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Pathways Website!

I just have to share, because it is fantastic...

If you are at all curious, please, have a look around. Lots of photos and a few videos. You will find me in the staff photo and if you don't blink you can see Matt in the video for the SIBS art project opening night.

Perhaps even a donation to the building project? (*cheeky smile*)

Saturday, 3 December 2011


Last weekend we had a busy one. Sat was my work Xmas party. This is important to me as it is one of the few times Matt gets a bit of a taste of what I do. The nature of my work as a Speech Pathologist means I don't get to celebrate publicly, as it is important that i respect the privacy and confidentiality of the families i work with. Sometimes i get a bit frustrated especially as Matt works in such a public field. Occasionally i feel like screaming i do cool stuff too! Pathways is different to other places I have worked. It is very much a colaborate effort between staff and client families, including families of staff.

Anyhoo Matt, Liam and Gareth were to attend to the BBQ but Matt was sick and couldn't go. Liam and I had fun, especially as I was doing face-painting for a long while :-)

Next it was straight to the airport and onto my parents for Dad's 60th. It was awesome to catchup with most of my extended family. And wow we have extended in the past 12 months. Matt's and Bree's family as well as some close friends of Joel and Anita were all there. It was a wonderful relaxed evening, I had a great time and i think Dad did too.

Unfortunately i was too busy having fun and again forgot to take some happy snaps but will try to locate some then add later.

The rest of the weekend we hung out with my family. Then it was back to Sydney and work for me this week. Matt has stayed up in Qld for the month thru until Xmas, to spend some quality time with his family and help his sister's family move into their new place (very exciting). Give him a call if you want to catch up.