Sunday, 11 March 2012

New Home (and no phone)

Sorry I have been a bit slack of late. Life has been busy and a bit disorganised. I have finally nabbed some computer time from Matt and Liam and will hopefully do a couple of posts tonight.

To further complicate things slightly, my (smart) phone has died (i.e. it was often my camera and browser). It was on its last legs for a while and a repair under warranty kept it going for a bit longer, but it has now completely gone (RIP Nexus One). I did toy with the idea of getting another, I think Matt was drooling at the thought of having a Nexus Prime in the house, but I have decided (with permission from work) to consolidate my work and personal mobiles. For the past 2.5 years I have been juggling with two mobiles... keeping both of them charged and available when needed. The downside is a change of personal mobile number. I will do a mass email and continue to forward my old phone to my new one for a couple more weeks.

On to the fun stuff... our new home. It's great! Exactly what we had been looking for. Has made waiting for the right thing to come by worth it. It is still in the Inner West (next suburb over but not quite as close to my work as we were hoping), terrace/duplex, single story, we think federation (not too hard to work out which part of the house is original and which came later), two bedrooms, small but adequate bathroom, massive retro-awesome kitchen, concrete back yard and separate garage. Let's have a walk-thru:

Front door, hallway with Liam's bedroom door on the left. This is one half of the hallway... it is huge.
This part (the original part) of the house also has beautiful, ornate and high ceilings.
The lighting is bad (phone camera), but the walls are grey, with white ceilings and a darker grey trim.
The carpet is a grey-cream, tawny according to Matt.
Our room, again, huge!  (please excuse the mess)
We have furniture from 1.5 rooms of our old place and it still feels nice and spacious.
Yes, that is an air-con on the wall too :)
Liam's room is roughly the same size, just no built-ins or air con.

Living space number one, our lounge room.
To the left (out of shot) is a non-functional fireplace.
 We have our TV etc there.
I am standing in the doorway you can see in the previous shot.
2nd living space, that we are using as a study, and thru the archway to the kitchen.
We have mentally divided the room in half with a desk and bookshelf each.
Matt is sitting at his desk, studying.
Mine is to the right (out of shot) where the red guitar is.
So much bench space. This is about 2/5ths - the rest is to the left, you can see some in the last picture.
Also, beautiful big windows and cooking with gas!
The necessities: toilet - left, bathroom - middle, laundry - right (you can just see it in the previous shot).
Not as nice as the rest of the place and our old unit, but functional.

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