Monday, 22 August 2011

Garden Update

I can't believe it is week 6... halfway thru term. As half-expected the garden has been progressing at its own pace, we still haven't finished the veggie planter. Weekends have been Mat working and/or me working and/or wet. This past weekend we did get as far as buying the necessary gear from Bunnings, then it rained.

I spent a few hours on the balcony today, sun on my face (with the occasional sun-shower), 24hr news on in the background and Smokey for company. A beautiful relaxing Monday. Here is how it is looking:

  *** bonus points if you can find Mr Smokey!

Bottle Brush - has lots of new growth


Onions (up the back)
Onions, Alpine Strawberries, Capsicum and Carrot, Carrot, Carrot, Broccoli and Cauliflower
Natives (for companion planting, beneficial bugs and to be pretty - I love native wildflowers) - Everlasting, Golden Everlasting, Grass Tree and Kangaroo Paw

Break time!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Vegetarianism and Semi-Vegan

For anyone who hasn't had the memo, Matt and I have become vegos. I won't preach the reasons why but it all started a few months ago and despite a few 'yeh rights' we are going strong.

We have even started dabbling in veganism, thanks in part to Matt's colleague Townie (also Matt). His wife sent me a link for a great recipe blog:

This was tonight's dinner (x3, one for me, two for Matt), a variation on something that was on the blog recently. I am a lousy cook, so am very proud of this effort. It was YUM!

Cheeseless pizza with roasted pumpkin and garlic, and caramelised onion