Sunday, 30 June 2013

Last two posts...

Um, photo blog sans photos, not so great. Silly me, I wrote the posts a while ago (unable to publish due app problems). The photos are now no longer on my phone, but the (new) app made it look like it was all ok. *grumble grumble* will have to fix it up later. Sorry :(

Kittehs update


Playing, I promise

Best of friends


K&B's wedding - hanging with Isaac

Wrote this straight after the wedding, a couple of weeks ago... but the app I use has been playing up... here 'tis now, with a different app...

Weekend trip to the central coast to hang out with a bunch of the Penrhos boarders and their families, who were visiting to attend Karen & Ben's 2nd/Aussie wedding. To cut a long story short... Matt and I babysat Isaac, while Skye & Marty were at the reception. Had a ball hanging out with this super little man, as well as catching up with his parents, and the other boarders and their families.

The train trip up. We have done it a few times but should go more often. So cheap, yet so stunning.

Isaac helping to make his dinner.

Matt has an essay due so took some study with him. We (Isaac and I) had to interrupt him briefly and they (Matt and Isaac) decided to do some typing together.

Next day, silly selfies.

With Skye too

And a proper one.

Matt and I solemnly promise that we will get over to Perth to catch up again soon. xoxo

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A tough few months

To all my friends and family, especially those who have been trying to get in touch or I have been wanting to get in touch with, I want to apologise for not consistently returning messages and just generally being 'off the grid'.

Since about November last year, it has been one thing after another, nothing 'catastrophic' but constant stressors or highly emotional events. On reflection I think I am a bit emotionally fatigued. Some things I have mentioned, like Mr Smokey's passing, having pneumonia over the summer holidays, Matt starting uni and fertility struggles, but some things are too personal or sensitive to share here. I would love to say things are getting better but there are still a few issues ongoing. 

I am well but I ask for your understanding if I continue to be a bit withdrawn for the next little while.

Thank you XO

On a lighter note... the kittens! They have confirmed names now. The ginger girl is 'Scout' and the black & white boy is 'Jasper'. Scout is a bit of a princess and knows to meow if anyone is in the kitchen. Jasper is very energetic, almost manic, hopefully he will settle a bit as he gets older. Despite their differences they are best mates.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Introducing... tiny terrors

What started as a conversation about mice escalated quickly to these two... names to be confirmed. 

24hrs and they have made themselves at home quite nicely. No toilet accidents or escapees yet (fingers crossed!)
Excuse me, need to take one more photo to be included... um... help





Sunday, 24 March 2013

Liam's ding! Level 25

Great night out to a Brazilian BBQ house for Liam's birthday, that little bit more special as Liz organised it and she is vegetarian.
Green says go, red says stop. One by one, peeps around the table joked that these funny little things were traffic lights, only to be told 'yes' that's exactly what they are!