Sunday, 30 June 2013

K&B's wedding - hanging with Isaac

Wrote this straight after the wedding, a couple of weeks ago... but the app I use has been playing up... here 'tis now, with a different app...

Weekend trip to the central coast to hang out with a bunch of the Penrhos boarders and their families, who were visiting to attend Karen & Ben's 2nd/Aussie wedding. To cut a long story short... Matt and I babysat Isaac, while Skye & Marty were at the reception. Had a ball hanging out with this super little man, as well as catching up with his parents, and the other boarders and their families.

The train trip up. We have done it a few times but should go more often. So cheap, yet so stunning.

Isaac helping to make his dinner.

Matt has an essay due so took some study with him. We (Isaac and I) had to interrupt him briefly and they (Matt and Isaac) decided to do some typing together.

Next day, silly selfies.

With Skye too

And a proper one.

Matt and I solemnly promise that we will get over to Perth to catch up again soon. xoxo

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