Thursday, 15 March 2012

February in the Kitchen Garden

The garden was really starting to thrive in Dec-Jan, when, we moved. I kept a few smaller things (capsicum plant, herbs) but ripped most of it out (and into the worm farm) as we were concerned about how we were going to move it all. We need not have worried, our friendly removalists berated me for having removed most of the plants and some of the soil (quote from one of the guys "have you seen the muscles on that guy?!"), but, too late, it was done.

So, Jan was pretty much start all over again. I do have some photos of 'January in the Kitchen Garden' however I think they are currently 'stuck' on my old phone, hopefully I can get them later.

We jump straight to February:

Left to right:
Smokey's pot - Bottle Brush & Cat Grass
Square Foot Garden - Tomato x2, Capsicum, Bean, Corn, Carrots x3 'plots', Marigolds
Large pot - Zuchini
Four white herb pots - Lettuce, Rosemary & Mint, Parsley & Thyme, Oregano & something that repels mozzies
Large pot & climbing - Sweet Potato
Little white pot - Strawberry

From the other direction

 Because I had to hit 'reset' on the garden, apart from the odd herbs, I had not really harvested anything from the garden... until late Feb. These cheesy zuchini enchiladas were the first meal made using produce from the garden, a HUGE zuchini.

Since then I have also bought myself (another) cooking book... Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids. With ideas from this book I have massively increased the amount of herbs I am using and it has helped shape my plans for what to plant next. Anyone interested in kitchen gardening and simple cooking from scratch, especially a novice like me, I can't recommend it highly enough!

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