Sunday, 8 April 2012

April in the kitchen garden

So, I seem to have missed March in the garden, oops, oh well, here's April:

   Currently growing L-R: Smokey's pot (Bottlebrush & Cat Grass); Tomato, Marigold, Sunflowers (behind the Marigold - can't see them yet here); Corn, Climbing Beans; Zuchini, Carrots & Lettuce box, Herbs, Lucerne, and Strawberry

 Harvest! We have been adding quite a few bits and bobs to meals recently from the garden.[

 I harvested the sweet potato today - they worked! (sort of). Given it was 2x false starts and therefore very late in season they got under way I am pretty happy with this lot. Lessons learnt for next year :)
Winter seedlings - Broccoli, Cauliflower, Dill, Celery, Celeriac, Carrots (an experiment that I will tell you about if it works), Chilli, Onions, Alpine Strawberry

A couple of weekends ago I made an old Styrofoam box into a self-watering planter for Carrots and Lettuce. Both (according to the Internet) can be grown year-round in our climate and are good companion plants as carrots have a deep root while lettuce is shallow root. Unfortunately despite being behind the herbs, Mr Smokey has found them and lying in this box is his new favourite spot - hence few seedlings. I planted more seeds both directly in the box and in pots in the green house this weekend. I think I will put netting over it too.

Ladybugs! My poor Zuchini has suffered badly from powdery mildew due to the mild and humid summer. I nearly pulled it today but a whole colony of ladybugs (good bugs - they eat the mildew) have moved in and it is looking a bit better. Maybe I'll get another fruit or two from it (we have had a couple) and I quite enjoy looking at the bugs. The funny grey things below are the ladybug larvae.

A rewarding day in the garden can only finish with Smokey on my lap wanting a head rub.

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