Saturday, 21 January 2012

Xmas 2011, part 1/4 - Aurisch and McMillan

We're baaack! Moved into the new place and it is FANTASTIC! More about that later, but here are the Xmas piccies I promised...

This year's Xmas trip north was a short one. My work year finished late and Matt started his new role early in the new year. Sadly, I also spent much of the week in bed with some type of viral thingy and we had to cancel some of our long awaited catch ups. Despite this it was lovely to spend time with our families.

Our first 'Xmas' was the night I arrived as Ewen and Margaret were heading to Gladstone the next day. It was also my first time seeing Anita and Scott's new place.

The view from the back porch!

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