Sunday, 20 November 2011

November in the Balcony Garden

Argh! The caterpillars. A couple of months ago I posted a piccie of a butterfly in one of my pots and commented that I hoped it was a 'good' bug. Nope, it is the enemy, the dreaded Cabbage Butterfly (white-pale yellow wings with a black spot). The butterfly itself is not the problem, it's 'the very hungry caterpillars'.

So far I have been using some companion planting and picking them off individually but I am loosing the battle. Today I bought and built exclusion netting (see photos).

In other garden news I have had a few fails recently. My mushies became too waterlogged, potato rotted in the pot and the lettuce is all in Mr Smokey's belly. But it's a learning process and some things are flourishing so I am happy. I may have also solved my irrigation difficulties... stay tuned.

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