Monday, 3 October 2011

Reflections and changes (warning: contains copious rambling)

I know I have been a bit quiet over the last month. This has been for two reasons, firstly, not much to report, then, too much going on!

Until about a week ago Matt and my lives' had been our version of mundane. We both have jobs we love within careers we love and that is the way we love it! The only downside to this is that we both become very invested in our work (time, mental energy and emotionally). This was very much the pattern of September. Weekends were one or both of us working and when we had time off it usually wasn't together and we went into chillax mode. No reasons for photos and not very interesting to blog about.

We have also both been doing a lot of reflecting, especially given our not-secret-at-all desire to start a family, and there may be some changes. Mostly plans and what-ifs at the moment but will let you know if and when they come to fruition.
My tattoo
Matt has the same text in a different place & style

Then, somewhat out of blue, on a Wednesday evening I had a phone call from my brother Joel. He suggested that he put my other brother, Liam, on a plane, the next day, to come stay with us for the holidays. Kind of dramatic but there is context to this. Liam has had a tough few years and he was not very happy about where things were going for him (or lack thereof). He had indicated this to me a few months ago and Matt and I had chatted and previously floated with him the idea of coming to live with us for a while. A fresh start in a different city, see if that sparked something. Flash forward a few months and Joel decided to step in to give Liam the extra kick up the **** to make a change. In the end, Liam didn't get on the plane the next day. He took a few days to tie up some loose ends and say some goodbyes to family and friends, by Sunday evening he was here.

Officially part of the household

The last week has been a blast. Matt and I are loving having him here and I think he is enjoying it too (or at least he tells me so). Despite the weather we done a couple of the tourist-in-your-own-neighbourhood things - going to cafes and walking around, he helped me with a trip to IKEA and in the evenings we have been watching DVDs, listening to music (I haven't listened to so much Triple J in years and Liam has introduced me to Gotye - double awesome!) and chatting.

Last week was holiday week, this week we are all back to the gym, Matt's working a ton, I'm working a bit and Liam is looking for work etc (already enrolled in a barrista course for tomorrow).

Hopefully towards the end of the week the weather will be nicer and we can head into the city for an explore.

Good times ahead!

Since writing (but not posting) this we have had another unexpected turn. Smokey had a stroke, probably due to a blood clot day before yesterday. Poor little guy is quite wonky. He seems fine until he tries to stand up or walk, then he stumbles and sometimes tumbles sideways. We took him to the Vet who said these things are quite common in cats and most recover within a few days. He's not in any pain, maybe a little confused and frightened but we are giving him even more than usual cuddles, which I think he is loving. For us, it was scary and a reminder that he is an old little bloke.

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