Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Garden, garden... not

Matt had to work on Saturday. Sunday, the weather was wet. So we didn't get the veggie planter done - phooey. I did, between rain, purchase and plant out some herbs, purchase and put together our new outdoor bistro set and start attempting to germinate some more seeds.

White planters - herbs, herbs and lettuce (under cloche). Though lettuce is going to live elsewhere as I have now decided  there is too much sun there.
Bistro set with solar powered camping lantern, cat pot - now has grass, mint and nip, and bottle brush (still alive - sort of).
Raising seeds! - I have experimented with a few different ways of doing this, and learning more all the time.
My favourite so far is a DIY self watering container (plastic containers with rolled up old tea towel as a wick and small rocks) holding seed pots made of newspaper, also DIY. This way the seeds don't dry out even if I miss watering them a day or a few and later I can plant out the seeding, in the pots, reducing transplant shock.

Since this picture was taken less then a week ago, the broccoli, cauliflower and carrot have also started sprouting. The onions are just leftover bottoms (not bulbs or seeds) from the kitchen. I am trying a little experiment I found on the internet to coax a new plant from a used onion bottom, new leaves have formed, so far seems to be working. :)
Back to work for me this week and we are off to Newcastle this weekend for my cousin Megan's 21st. Many of my family are coming down from Qld for it. See you there!

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