Wednesday, 8 June 2011


For just over a month now I have been working on Saturday. For a whole range of reasons it's working well, but one particular reason is it means we now have Sat = Mattday, Sun = Usday and Mon = Sarahday. As well as singing, I am now doing piano lessons and picking up old favourite hobbies: gardening, sustainable living and getting crafty.

This week on my Monday I installed a rain water tank/barrel on our balcony (as we have no water access there). I had intended to make one as per a mishmash of these instructions:
but to cut a long story short found this at a local hardware store instead. I added the mosquito netting.

So far I have planted a bottle brush cutting and cat grass, but have big plans for veggies and fruit in containers, a small greenhouse and outdoor table setting - finally our balcony is getting some use.

The 'before' pictures

Living sustainable
Our worm farm is going, it's just not working for us. We have found a home for it (my work) and replaced it with a new indoor composting system called a Bokashi Bin. So far, so good, it works like the packet says, doesn't smell etc. While searching for an alternative to the worm farm I came across a shop not too far from us.
I visited for the Bokashi and walked away with a whole bunch of stuff, with plans for more. :)

Inspired by my new work colleague, Cherie (who BTW is also an ex-Qlder and her husband works with Matt) I dug out my old crochet and knitting. I finally finished a scarf I had started when I was commuting to Fairfield. I think it looks pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) and just had to wear it work today.

Please feel free to leave a comment. Let me know what you think of the blog so far, tell me what you want more (or less) of or just say 'hi' cause it will make me smile.

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  1. Fantastic work! Love love love your rainwater collection gadget. I've been wondering what I can do in a rental property to conserve water.

    I especially love your scarf (and am thrilled that I inspired a little creativity in someone).